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SEPTEM Products SPTM SEPTEM Approach X B.M. Serum 120mL

SEPTEM Products SPTM SEPTEM Approach X B.M. Serum 120mL

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A moisturizing serum developed based on the B.M. Active Theory* for those who want to achieve a higher grade of beautiful skin. Use together with Up Bee.

B.M. Active Theory
This is a concept that aims to reconstruct the basement membrane by adjusting the microenvironment and enhancing the ability of the skin to grow on its own.
Protects the skin (basement membrane) from damage.
Supports the skin's (basement membrane's) ability to repair itself.

Indications and effects

<Our commitment to basement membrane care
This is the culmination of beauty research that has been conducted in order to "awaken the skin's natural power," which is Septem's skincare concept.

The basement membrane, which is located at the boundary between the epidermis and dermis, is important for protecting moisture, a condition for beautiful skin. The nine moisturizing ingredients contained in Approach X B.M. Serum work deep into the skin (stratum corneum) to maintain healthy basement membranes, which control the information needed to create beautiful skin.

Directions for use

After cleansing and toning, apply to clean, damp skin.

Use twice a week in combination with Up Bee.