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SEPTEM Products SPTM SEPTEM ELTEO Intelligent Cream 40g

SEPTEM Products SPTM SEPTEM ELTEO Intelligent Cream 40g

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A medicated beauty cream with excellent water retention (moisture retention and moisture evaporation suppression), micro-inflammation and skin irritation prevention. It leads to healthy and hydrated skin.
Six types of Japanese and Chinese plant extracts*1 and three intelligent formulas enhance the overall skincare effects of ELTEO.

Contains Stearyl glycyrrhizinate (active ingredient), which is quasi-drug approved for its anti-inflammatory properties. It protects the skin and prevents acne and skin irritation.

Indications and effects

<Our commitment to the veil of moisture
With six Japanese and Chinese plant extracts*1 selected based on a dermatological approach, and three intelligent formulas: "skin irritation detection," "skin conditioning with skin-nurturing ingredient EPC*2," and "veil to control moisture status," this product thinks for itself according to skin conditions such as irritation and dryness, and leads to healthy and strong skin.

1 Hikikoshi extract(1), Kumazasa extract, Olea europaea extract, Geo extract, Tingpi extract, Button extract: Moisturizing effect
2 potassium salt of dl-alpha-tocopherol 2-L-ascorbic acid phosphate diester

Directions for use

Dispense an appropriate amount (2-3 pushes of the dispenser as a guide) onto your hands and gently blend over your face and neck.

active ingredient : Stearyl glycyrrhizinate