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SEPTEM Products SPTM SEPTEM ELTEO Milk Lotion 100mL

SEPTEM Products SPTM SEPTEM ELTEO Milk Lotion 100mL

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A medicated emulsion that protects sensitive skin from dryness and makes it supple and flexible.
Its superior emollient and moisturizing properties help prevent skin irritation and maintain healthy skin.
The particles containing ingredients such as Japanese and Chinese botanical extracts*1 stabilized by a uniform emulsion moisturize and condition each and every texture of the entire stratum corneum.

Contains glycyrrhizinic acid 2K (active ingredient), which is a quasi-drug approved for its anti-inflammatory properties. It softens the skin and prevents acne and skin irritation.

1 Perilla extract, Perilla frutescens extract, Clara extract, Saxifraga extract, Eijutsu extract: Moisturizing action

Indications and effects

<1) Shiso extract, Tiso extract, Clara extract, Kujin extract, Saxifrage extract, and Eijutsu extract: Moisture effect
Contains Althea extract*2 and Squalane*3, both of which are excellent for skin protection, to soften skin that has become dry and hard due to UV stress, leading to supple skin.

2 Moisturizing ingredients
3 Emollients

How to use

Dispense an appropriate amount (1-2 pushes of the dispenser as a guide) onto your hands and gently blend over your face and neck.


Active ingredient : glycyrrhizinic acid 2K