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SEPTEM Products SPTM SEPTEM Upvee Mesoporator Beauty Equipments

SEPTEM Products SPTM SEPTEM Upvee Mesoporator Beauty Equipments

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This is a specialized mesoporator (beauty equipment) developed for the Approach X B.M. Serum. By incorporating the concept of aesthetic medicine into conventional skincare research, we have realized a full-fledged beauty care that could only be received at an esthetic salon.
Five functions, including SEPTEM's original SPTM mode equipped on the UpVee, draw out the power of the Approach X B.M. Serum to achieve basement membrane care.

Indications & Effects

<Focus on 5 functions>
<SPTM Switch>
Meso Care
Pulse Care and Ion Care are alternately applied in succession at intervals of 5 seconds and 2 seconds to enhance the penetration of moisture (beauty) ingredients deep into the stratum corneum.
Pulse Care
Pulse Care uses electrical energy to temporarily create a pathway in the structure of intercellular lipids, allowing moisture (beauty) ingredients to penetrate deep into the stratum corneum without causing pain.
2. Ion Care
This treatment uses electrical repulsive force and electrical penetration to allow moisture (beauty) ingredients to penetrate deep into the stratum corneum.
Line Care
The massage effect of the electric stimulation tightens the skin, refreshes the face line and maintains the flexibility of the skin.
Hot Care
The electric warmth stimulates blood flow and gives the skin a healthy color and luster.

This product is designed to be used in conjunction with the LED switch;
Light Care
LED light supports the skin's metabolism and leads to vibrant skin.

<VR Switch> ●Vibration Care
Vibration Care
Comfortable vibration by physical stimulation massages your skin and supports skin lifting.

How to use

Apply twice a week (once every three days) to clean, damp skin after cleansing and toning. Gently apply an appropriate amount of Approach X B.M. Serum (2-3 pushes as a guide) to the entire face and neck. To ensure the effective functioning of the UpVee, touch the Earth Plate with your finger while applying the treatment.


Accessories: AC adapter, special pouch, user's manual and warranty card

Specifications and standards

Power rating: Input AC100-240V50/60Hz Output DC12V/1.5A ■Power consumption: Max 15W ■Output frequency: 90KHz ■LED wavelength: Blue 415nm(±10nm)/Yellow 590nm(±10nm)/Red 620nm(±10nm)■Outline Max 166mm×76mm×63mm ■Weight: approx 195g Weight: approx. 195g ■Timer: 10 minutes