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Shiseido AQUALABEL Balance Care Cream 50g

Shiseido AQUALABEL Balance Care Cream 50g

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A highly functional cream that prevents blemishes*, dries, firms, moisturizes, and treats rough skin. Gently moisturizes and treats rough skin. This cream is designed to treat all of your increasing concerns, leaving your skin clear and supple with moisture. A medicated moisturizing cream that firmly seals the stratum corneum with moisture. Alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and colorant-free.

*Suppresses melanin production to prevent spots and freckles.

How to use

<Before using for the first time, turn the cap to remove the sheet. Turn the cap to remove the inner sheet, then close the cap properly. After applying toner, dispense two pearls onto fingertips and apply to face.


Tranexamic Acid*, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate*, Purified Water, Dipropylene Glycol, 1,3-Butylene Glycol, Concentrated Glycerin, Methyl Polysiloxane, Alpha Olefin Oligomer, Silica Anhydride, Tetra 2 -ethylhexanoic acid pentaerythrit, behenyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, polyoxyethylene glyceryl isostearate, polyoxyethylene glyceryl monostearate, vaseline, hardened oil, carboxyvinyl polymer, sodium acryloyl dimethyl acrylate sodium acryloyl dimethyl taurate copolymer/isohexadecane/polysorbate 80, glycylglycine, xanthan gum, polyoxyethylene (14) polyoxypropylene (7) dimethyl ether, sodium pyrosulfite, DL-acetate alpha-tocopherol acetate, disodium edetate, D-glutamic acid, DL-alanine, sodium acetylated hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate (2), raspberry extract, DL- methionine, water-soluble collagen Methionine, Water-soluble collagen (F), Phenoxyethanol * indicates "active ingredient"; no indication indicates "other ingredients.