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SHISEIDO Clear Sun Care Stick SPF50+ ・ PA++++

SHISEIDO Clear Sun Care Stick SPF50+ ・ PA++++

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Protects skin even under strong UV rays Sunscreen
Shiseido's unique Synchro Shield, a transparent stick-type protector with a protective film that is strengthened by heat, sweat, and water, protects skin even under strong UV rays.
It can be applied directly to the skin without getting your hands dirty, allowing you to quickly protect your skin whenever and wherever you are concerned about UV rays. It can also be used over makeup for convenient reapplication.

*Improves the uniformity of the sunscreen film and keeps it stable

Directions for use
This product can be used over makeup and is convenient for reapplication. Can be used on the face and body.

<Ideal for use in the following situations
The compact size makes it easy to carry, so always have it in your pouch in case you need to go out suddenly or the weather changes.
It's a stick type, so your palms don't get dirty. When you are out and about and concerned about UV rays, reapply immediately.
The transparent type allows you to reapply even on top of your makeup.
You can also reapply over makeup.

Apply a generous amount to the skin, making sure to apply evenly.

<When using on the face
Apply to forehead and cheeks in a zigzag pattern, overlapping the applied area.
For areas where the stick does not fit well, such as around the eyes and nose, smooth the stick with your fingers and blend. 2.
<When using on the body
Apply to arms, legs, and neck in a zigzag pattern, overlapping the applied area.
For the back of the hands, apply to fit the uneven surface. For areas that do not fit well, dab the stick with your finger and blend it in.

*Make sure the stick fits your skin and move it slowly.
*When removing, rinse off with your regular cleanser.