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Shiseido <Quantity Limited> Senka Perfect Whip u 150g 25% increaseのコピー

Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip u 150g 25% increaseのコピー

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Facial Cleanser Senka Perfect Whip u 25% more / Micro-dense foam cleanses for a brighter complexion

Gently cleanses the skin by wrapping the face in a bed of dense white cocoon foam.

Gently wraps the skin and cleanses to protect the skin's natural moisture barrier ● Removes dirt and grime from deep within the pores while protecting the skin ● Leaves the skin moist and smooth Contains naturally-derived silk essence*1 and W-hyaluronic acid*2 ●Gently scented with a fresh floral fragrance ●Allergy tested and colorant free

1 Sericin, hydrolyzed silk
2 Sodium acetyl hyaluronate, Sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing)

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