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SK-II Japan| P&G Genoptix Spot Essence 50mL

SK-II Japan| P&G Genoptix Spot Essence 50mL

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SK-II's one-of-a-kind ingredient, Pitera™, and its unique complex ingredient, Spot Resist Complex*³, which contains the whitening active ingredients D-Melano™¹ and California kelp extract², take whitening to a new level.

It suppresses melanin production, leading to brighter and clearer skin without the appearance of blemishes.

Also worth mentioning is the AutoFill Dropper, a dropper specially designed for this product. A single drop of the dropper is enough to measure out the perfect amount for a single application, making it easy and thorough.

Whitening is the process of suppressing the production of melanin to prevent spots and freckles.
Pitera™: Galactomycetes culture fluid (skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredient)
*1 Nicotinic acid amide W (whitening active ingredient)
2 Seaweed extract(1) (skin conditioning ingredient)
3 Spot Resist Complex: A complex of D-Melano™ 1, Calabrese kelp extract 2, SK-II Pitera™, and Panthenol (D-Pantothenyl alcohol, an active ingredient that prevents skin irritation and roughness).

Directions for use

Step 1
After applying lotion, dispense a small amount (one dropperful, about 2cm in diameter) into the palm of the hand.
Step 2
Smooth over the face and blend into the skin.
Step 3
For areas of concern, apply in layers and dab in with fingers.


Active ingredient D-MelanoTM*1 Active ingredient: Concentrated SK-II PiteraTM, Prune extract*2, Inositol*3, Plum extract*4, Pixel WhiteTM*5 PiteraTM: Galactomyces cerevisiae cultured liquid (skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredient) *1 Nicotinic acid amide W (whitening active ingredient) *2 Prune enzyme degradation product (moisturizing ingredient) *3 Inositol (moisturizing ingredient) ) *3 Inosit (Moisturizing ingredient) *4 Plum fruit extract (Moisturizing ingredient) *5 Undecylenoylphenylalanine (Moisturizing ingredient)

Precautions for use

Do not use it if you have scars, eczema, or any other skin problems.
Discontinue use and consult a dermatologist if irritation, redness, itching, or other skin problems occur.
Symptoms may worsen if use is continued.
3. Avoid contact with eyes.