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Softimo Lachesca Clay Wash Moist 130g

Softimo Lachesca Clay Wash Moist 130g

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Clay pack effect! A face wash with cushioned clay foam that gently removes blackheads from pores.

A moist type that moisturizes and cleanses pores.

The power of two types of white mud.
Gently absorbs and cleanses blackheads in pores while protecting moisture.
It is also recommended to use the "foam pack" method, where you apply a generous amount of foam to the T-zone and rinse off after 30 minutes.

Contains carefully selected beauty ingredients for pore prone skin.
Artichoke extract, peppermint extract, hyaluronic acid GL (moisturizing), white mud (sebum adsorption), malic acid, citric acid (keratin softening)

Free formula to care for skin.
Preservative (paraben)-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol (ethyl alcohol)-free, silicone-free.