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Soumi Foods Soumi Tsuyu 500ml

Soumi Foods Soumi Tsuyu 500ml

Soumi Foods
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This thick soup is full of bonito flavor, made with carefully selected ingredients for an elegant and mellow taste.
The soup is made with the finest soup stock from our own factory in Kyoto, making it rich in flavor and delicious with all kinds of Japanese dishes. This is a long-selling product that has been used by professionals for over 25 years since it was first released for home use.
Please enjoy the taste of the professionals at home. It can be used not only for zaru soba and somen noodles, but also for all kinds of Japanese dishes such as tempura sauce, simmered dishes, cold dishes, rice bowls, and nabe dishes.


Soy sauce (Honjozo), sugar, salt, shavings (bonito, mackerel), fermented seasoning, niboshi, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), caramel color, (wheat is included in some ingredients)

Specifications / Standard

Product size (H x D x W): 180mm x 69mm x 69mm