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Soumi Foods / Suomi  Shio Ramen Soup 1.8L

Soumi Foods / Suomi Shio Ramen Soup 1.8L

Soumi Foods
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Product Introduction
A well-balanced blend of fresh chicken stock, kelp stock, dried bonito stock, and fragrant flavored oil, etc., to create an elegant and rich salt ramen soup base. How to use - 1 serving] Dilute 30ml of this product with 300ml of hot water or glass soup. (Magnification 11x) *This product is for professional use, but can also be used by general consumers.

Ingredients: Salt, soy sauce, flavored oil, seafood extract, sugar, meat extract, kelp, bonito shavings, vegetable extract, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), antioxidant (vitamin E), (wheat is included in some ingredients)

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