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SPTM Septem Elteo Soap Caseのコピー

SPTM Septem Elteo Soap Caseのコピー

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This soap has both moisturizing and cleansing power and can be used as a light make-up remover. The mild formula is gentle on the skin and removes makeup while leaving the skin moisturized.
Glucosyl trehalose, which has an excellent moisturizing function, and plant extracts*1 moisturize the skin and keep it fresh and healthy.

The anti-inflammatory glycyrrhizinic acid 2K (active ingredient) prevents skin irritation caused by dryness.
Pearl can be used to remove light makeup (Moist Balance, Natural Pact, and Presto Powder).

Indications and effects
<Our focus on cleansing and moisturizing power
This product is formulated to remove light make-up and sebum while leaving the skin moisturized. In addition to the cleaning ingredients, plant extracts*1 with moisturizing properties have been added to the formula to make it even gentler while removing dirt and grime.

1 Peach leaf extract, lily of the valley extract, sabon sauvage extract, honeysuckle extract: Moisturizing effect

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