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Kanebo Suisai Lotion I (refreshing) 150ml

Kanebo Suisai Lotion I (refreshing) 150ml

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Contains fermented beauty skin ingredients* (moisturizing).
Fermented skincare ingredients* (moisturizer).
Fermented skincare ingredients* (moisturizing)

Three types to choose from according to your preference

I (Refreshing type): For those who are concerned about greasy and sticky skin.
Ⅱ (Moist type): For those who want moisture but don't want to feel sticky.
III (More moist type): For those who want richer moisture.

Fragrance-free ●Colorant-free
Fermented beautiful skin ingredients* (moisturizing)
Fermented beautiful skin ingredients* (moisturizing): Soy milk fermented extract, pear fermented extract, W hyaluronic acid (Na hyaluronate, dimethyl silanol hyaluronate)