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TRANSINO Medicated Whitening Essence EX

TRANSINO Medicated Whitening Essence EX

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A whitening serum that inhibits the melanin production chain

Whitening serum containing the active whitening ingredient tranexamic acid.
Transparency support ingredient EX*1 provides moisture and leads to clearer skin.
Contains stratum corneum refining ingredient*2. In addition to improving the texture of the stratum corneum, the high moisture retention function provides moisture to the skin for a dewy complexion.
It is easy to apply, does not leave a white residue, and feels comfortable to use.
Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, colorant-free, and allergy-tested*3.
1 Moisturizing ingredient (mulberry extract, panthothein sulfonate Ca, Achillea S (St. John's wort))
2 Moisturizing ingredients (sodium trehalose sulfate, polymethacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine liquid)
3 Not all people are allergic to this product.
Directions for use

After conditioning your skin with lotion, etc., dispense an appropriate amount onto clean fingertips and gently blend.

<Suggested Use>
The amount equivalent to one large pearl grain (for the entire face)


Active ingredients
Tranexamic Acid