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UHA  Mikakuto /  Candy Selection 280g

UHA Mikakuto / Candy Selection 280g

UHA Mikakuto
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A large 280g candy assortment of 16 different types of candies, including fruit flavors such as apple and peach, strawberry milk, chocolate, and milk caramel, beautifully packaged in a variety of colors.


Syrup, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, fructose glucose liquid sugar, whey powder (dairy product), butter, edible oils and fats, vegetable oils and fats, black tea, fresh cream, cocoa powder, dextrin, strawberries, cocoa mass, fruit juice concentrate (apple, grape, Muscat, orange), salt, lemon, fruit juice powder, maltose, whole milk powder Coffee, enzymatically-degraded soy protein, puree (apple, peach), malt extract, butter oil, whey protein concentrate, acidulant, sweetener (sorbitol), flavoring, emulsifier, colorant (anthocyanin, caramel, carotenoid, gardenia, red yeast), thickener (processed starch), gelling agent (pectin), ( (Some ingredients include milk, oranges, soybeans, peaches, and apples.)