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UHA  Mikakuto /  e-ma throat lozenge container (grape)

UHA Mikakuto / e-ma throat lozenge container (grape)

UHA Mikakuto
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Contains lactoferrin
For people who are concerned about their oral environment. Contains lactoferrin to cleanse the mouth.

Grape flavor with a refreshing and rich taste
Grape flavor with refreshing sourness and rich taste.

Smooth and crispy! Super multi-layer coating
Super multi-layered candy with a smooth texture and crispy bite.

Portable and stylish container
The stylish container is easy to carry in your bag.


Sugar, raffinose, syrup, starch, grape extract, dextrin, fermented grape skin powder, grape juice, grape juice powder, sweetener (xylitol), vitamin C, flavoring, acidulant, thickener (gum arabic), sucrose ester, colorant (gardenia), lactoferrin concentrate, emulsifier, antioxidant (enzyme-processed rutin) Antioxidant (enzyme-treated rutin), (contains milk and soybeans as ingredients)

Nutritional Information

(per 33g) Energy 128kcal, Protein 0g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate 32.5g, Sodium 0mg, Vitamin C 1100mg / Xylitol 3.5g