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UHA  Mikakuto /  Shige Kix (soda) 20g

UHA Mikakuto / Shige Kix (soda) 20g

UHA Mikakuto
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[Supa Level 2] Speaking of Shigekiks, this is it! As the king of sour gummies.

You can enjoy the refreshing flavor of soda.

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Sugar, gelatin, concentrated apple juice, sterilized lactobacillus beverage, dextrose fructose, syrup, sweetener (sorbitol, acesulfame K, sucralose), gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), acidulant, processed starch, glycerin, vitamin C, flavor, calcium carbonate, color (gardenia, carotenoid), gloss agent

Nutritional Information

(Per 20g bag) Energy 62kcal, Protein 1.9g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate 16.0g, Sodium 5mg, Vitamin C 120mg