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UHA  Mikakuto /  Throat Lozenges EX 90g

UHA Mikakuto / Throat Lozenges EX 90g

UHA Mikakuto
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EXTRA" version of Ajikaku Sugar Throat Lozenges
This EXTRA version contains propolis, a natural barrier ingredient produced by honeybees, and royal jelly, the source of the queen bee's power.

The power of propolis and royal jelly!
The power is boosted by using "active propolis," which is a high-quality Brazilian propolis activated by a unique process.

The power of herbs delivered as it is "Powder Coating Method
We have created a genuine throat lozenge with the power of herbs delivered as it is using Ajikaku Sugar's original powder coating method. The newly developed ultra-fine herb powder allows the herbs to dissolve and penetrate quickly.

Mild honey milk flavor
The mild honey milk flavor is suitable for those who do not like the pungent taste of herbs.


Syrup, sugar, milk powder, honey, cream, vegetable oil, dolomite, royal jelly, herb extract, bellflower extract, food containing propolis extract, candlenut powder, dextrin, sweetener (sorbitol, acesulfame K, sucralose), flavor, emulsifier, seasoning (amino acid), acidulant, ( Contains egg and soybeans)

Egg, milk, soybean

Nutrition Facts

(per 90g)
Energy 348kcal, Protein 0.9g, Fat 1.4g, Carbohydrate 84.3g, Sodium 66mg