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Unilever Dove Milk Cleansing

Unilever Dove Milk Cleansing

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Gentle and moist makeup remover with rich milk. Contains beauty essence*. Leaves skin moisturized after washing. Nutrium Moisture: Stearic acid, glycerin solution (moisturizing ingredient)

How to use

Directions for use
Can be used on wet hands and face. However, for hard-to-remove makeup, use on dry hands and face.
Place the product on a flat surface and press the pump firmly to the bottom.
Apply a small amount (about 3-4 pumps) to your hands and massage into makeup.
Do not use it in extremely hot places.
Do not store in extremely high temperatures or in direct sunlight.

Do not place in an extremely hot place or in direct sunlight.

How to use the pump
At the beginning of use, fix ① by hand and turn the nozzle of ② to the left. When the head rises, press the nozzle several times until the contents come out. (If the head does not come up, tighten (1) again, secure it by hand, and turn (2) again.
(If the head does not come up, tighten (1) again and secure it by hand, then turn (2) again.