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<New> POLA B.A Wash 100g

POLA B.A Wash 100g

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Cleanses while protecting moisture, making it easier for lotions, milk, and creams to penetrate the skin.

The dense foam that absorbs into the skin leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

Gorgeous and relaxing fragrance makes your care time a time to cherish yourself.

The Chypre Floral Arrangement, a chypre floral-based fragrance that changes and overlaps with each item, is designed to make each skincare step more meaningful and sublimate care time into a time to cherish yourself. In the morning, the scent is designed to calmly prepare you for a new day and make you feel more open-minded. In the evening, it is a time to feel sorry for yourself after a hard day's work and shift your mind from elation to contentment.

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