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Wafood Maid Sake-Kasu Face Wash 170g

Wafood Maid Sake-Kasu Face Wash 170g

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Make your daily skincare routine more convenient with this popular beauty product made with sake lees.
A facial cleanser with rich foam and a gentle feeling.
Washes away dullness*1 and dirt in pores for smooth, white skin*2.

Recommended for
People who are interested in Sake-kasu beauty method.
Concerned about dullness*1 and dryness.
Want to have clear skin*2
Want to have clear skin.

Add sake lees beauty to your daily skincare routine!

Sakekasu is a by-product of sake production.
Sakekasu is a byproduct of sake production, and it has been said that the hands of a toji (sake craftsman) who handles sake lees are beautiful.
As a result, the beauty method of rinsing off sake lees became widespread.
We have created a facial cleanser that makes it easy to incorporate this beauty method of sake lees into your daily skincare routine.

Facial Cleanser with Original Sake Kasu Extract*3 for Smooth and White Skin*2

Original sake lees extract extracted from Kawazu Sake Brewery in Kumamoto Prefecture is included.
It is made by milling domestic rice, mainly sake rice from Aso, using spring water from Aso and Kumamoto yeast (Association No. 9 yeast).
The sake lees extract is gently squeezed using the traditional tank pressing method.
This method is characterized by its high water content.
This process is characterized by its high water content, and the extract gives moisture and clarity to the skin.