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Wafood Maid SK Cream (Sake Lees Cream) 55g

Wafood Maid SK Cream (Sake Lees Cream) 55g

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Make the popular sake lees beauty more convenient for your daily skin care.
Moisturizing cream with a fluffy texture made with the finest ingredients.
Contains original Sakekasu Extract 1 extracted from Kawazu Sake Lees in Kumamoto Prefecture.
It soaks moisture deep into the skin2 and leads to moist and clear skin*3.

Add sake-kasu beauty to your daily skincare routine! Moisturizing Cream for Clear and Moist Skin*3

Sakekasu is a by-product of sake production.
It has been said since ancient times that "the hands of a toji (sake craftsman) who handles sake lees are beautiful", and the beauty method of rinsing off sake lees became popular.
We have created a moisturizing cream that makes it easy to incorporate this beauty method of sake lees into your daily skincare routine.

Moisturizing Cream with Original Sake Lees Extract 1 for Moist and Clear Skin 3

Original Sakekasu extract is extracted from the sake lees of Kawazu Sake Brewery in Kumamoto Prefecture.
It is made by milling domestic rice, mainly sake rice from Aso, using spring water from Aso and Kumamoto yeast (Association No. 9 yeast).
The sake lees extract is gently squeezed using the traditional tank pressing method.
This method is characterized by its high water content.
The extract gives moisture and clarity to your skin, leading to a moist and clear skin.

It feels just like sake lees! Fluffy moisturizing cream

The cream is made in the image of sake lees.
The fluffy cream envelops your skin and gives it moisture and clarity while preventing the evaporation of moisture from your dry skin.

Contains ingredients that support beautiful skin (beauty moisturizer)

A rich blend of plant extracts extracted from carefully selected ingredients. It delivers moisture to your skin.

Cucumber fruit extract
Rice ceramide*4
Yuzu seed extract

*1 Moisturizing ingredient
*2 Stratum corneum
*3 Moisturized and clear skin
*4 Rice sphingolipid

Directions for use

After toning and conditioning your skin, dispense an appropriate amount (about the size of a pearl) onto your hand and blend into your skin. Apply a small amount (about the size of a pearl) and blend into the skin.