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FANCL Whitening Emulsion I Refresh <Quasi-drugs>

FANCL Whitening Emulsion I Refresh

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A whitening emulsion that locks in whitening ingredients and leads to clearer skin.

The moist and soft texture locks in and maintains the whitening active ingredient (active vitamin C) that has penetrated the stratum corneum. It suppresses melanin formation from the start, leading to clearer skin.

Cornflower extract
Suppresses melanin production by approaching MIF(*2), the "beginning of spots.
Active Vitamin C
Vitamin C works continuously to suppress melanin production.
White grape fermentation extract, Melanobright
Approaches dullness and sitting melanin.
(*1) Whitening refers to the effect of suppressing melanin production and preventing spots and freckles.
(*2) Abbreviation for macrophage migration inhibitory factor.

Unopened: Within 1 year Opened: Within 60 days
Contains no preservatives, fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum surfactants, or UV absorbers. Contains date of manufacture.