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YA-MAN RF Vote Tornado RF Roller HRF15P2

YA-MAN RF Vote Tornado RF Roller HRF15P2

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New Proposal! Deep Heat Drainage* Esthetic
Warming Care and Hand Esthetics
for a better face and a firmer body!
A roller that provides full-fledged care for the face and body, where signs of aging are a concern, just by rolling!

It uses "radio waves" for deep heat care, which is also used in esthetic salons, and a "tornado-shaped roller" that reproduces the drainage* esthetics of "squeezing, pushing, and pinching. Just by rolling the roller over the area of concern, it leads to firm and toned skin.
It is also equipped with EMS that works directly on various muscles such as facial expressions and abdominal muscles. This product is recommended for those who want to have firm and elastic skin and a supple body.

Specifications and standards

Size: Approx. W97 x D189 x H65mm
Weight : Approx. 275g
Charging time : Approx. 3 hours Operating time : Approx. 30 minutes
Accessories : AC adapter, treatment book
Color and model number : Pink HRF15
Country of manufacture : Japan