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YA-MAN Tornado EMS Lift

YA-MAN Tornado EMS Lift

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Just by rolling it over the area of concern, you can recreate the technique of an esthetician. The comfortable hand-applied roller movements are combined with micro-current that can even treat the eye area. In addition, it is equipped with the EMS familiar from abdominal muscle belts! By stopping the rollers and stimulating the facial muscles, you can care for your cheeks and mouth area. It is waterproof for daily use* and can be used in the bathroom.
*Please note that the product cannot be used in water.

Tornado roller for comfortable stimulation of the skin

Two small elliptical balls are arranged in a V-shape and rotate in an undulating motion to firmly fit the skin. This structure recreates the technique of hand esthetic treatment and provides an unprecedented level of comfort.

Two modes for eye care and facial muscle care!

Skin Care Mode: The rolling and micro-current micro-currents regulate the skin. In addition, microcurrent is a weak electric current that flows in the human body, so it can also be used to care for the eye area.

Lift Mode: EMS stimulates muscles electrically, stopping the rollers and stimulating facial muscles to care for your cheeks and mouth area.

How to use

Not only can you use the roller to care for your face, but you can also use the EMS and micro-current to care for your face. It is waterproof and can be used in the bath, which is recommended for those who do not have much time. It can be used under gentle running water such as in the shower. Please do not put it in water.

Specifications and Standards

Model number EP9PSize approx. W58 x D165 x H38mmAccessoriesAC adapter