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YAMAKI Mentsuyu 400ml

YAMAKI Mentsuyu 400ml

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Double-concentrated men-tsuyu with a rich and mellow taste of dashi made from dried bonito.
It is ideal for use with somen, hiyamugi, udon, and soba in the coming season.
Of course, it can also be diluted to your liking for cooking in all seasons.
Please come and try the delicious taste of dashi that only a bonito flakes shop can provide.


Ingredients: Soy Sauce (Honjozo) (contains wheat and soybeans), Dextrose Fructose Liquid Sugar, Rice Fermentation Seasoning, Sugar, Salt, Bonito Extract, Protein Hydrolysate, Bonito Flakes, Soda Bonito Flakes, Kelp Extract, Vinegar, Yeast Extract, Seasoning (Amino Acid, etc.), Alcohol

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