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Yamasa Zaru Soba Senka 500ml

Yamasa Zaru Soba Senka 500ml

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The rich first bonito broth and aged okashi add a deep flavor that complements soba.
The rich first soup stock of bonito flakes from Yaizu and aged okashi are used to create a rich and deep flavor. It is a straight dipping sauce that enhances the robust flavor of soba. It has a thick taste and a good aftertaste without a strong sweet taste.

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Ingredients: Soy Sauce (Honjozo), Flavoring Materials (Bonito Flakes, Soda Flakes), Sugar (Sugar, Glucose), Yeast Extract, Fermented Seasoning, Salt, Mirin, Alcohol, Acidulant, (Contains Soybeans and Wheat)

Specifications / Standard

Product size (H x D x W): 192mm x 72mm x 72mm